Chief Thomas Eade

Lake Mohegan Fire District

Congratulations Chief Thomas Eade: A Journey of Dedication, Leadership, and Service

Announcing a Milestone in the Lake Mohegan Fire District Family

We are thrilled to announce a monumental and heartwarming promotion within the Lake Mohegan Fire District family. Let’s raise a virtual toast to Captain Thomas Eade on his well-deserved promotion to Chief of the Lake Mohegan Fire District!

A Legacy of Service: From Paramedic to Firefighter

Thomas Eade’s journey in firefighting, rescue, and medical services is both impressive and awe-inspiring. Before embracing his role as a career firefighter, Tom showcased his dedication as a volunteer for the MVFA (Mohegan Volunteer Fire Association). His leadership and commitment didn’t stop there. He further honored his commitment by serving as Captain for the MVFA Volunteer Rescue Squad. Additionally, for several years, Tom served the community with great distinction as a Paramedic for Cortlandt Peekskill Paramedics, reflecting his multifaceted commitment to safeguarding and aiding his community.

From Montrose VA FD to Mohegan FD

Diving into his rich history, Chief Eade started his professional journey with the Montrose VA FD in 1997. His dedication and passion led him to transfer to the Mohegan FD in August of 2000. During his tenure at Mohegan, he wasn’t just any firefighter. Known affectionately as “Cap” by colleagues, Thomas exuded a friendly nature and approachable leadership style.

Rising Through the Ranks: The Journey of “Cap”

His ascent through the ranks is a testament to his relentless dedication. From Lieutenant to Captain, and now, marking a landmark chapter in his career, he’s ascended as the first Career Chief of the Lake Mohegan Fire District.

A New Chapter Awaits

This isn’t merely a promotion; it’s an acknowledgment of years of relentless hard work, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to the community and his team.

Join Us in Celebration

Join us in celebrating this remarkable occasion. We are not just proud but deeply honored to call him our Chief. As we embark on this new journey with Chief Thomas Eade at the helm, we eagerly look forward to the leadership, wisdom, and expertise he brings.